Keynote Speakers

Richard Daneman

University of California, US

Title: Blood-brain barrier regulation of
brain function and behavior

Gou Young Koh

Center for Vascular Research, South Korea

Title: Exploring novel routes of cerebrospinal fluid drainage

Rakesh Jain

Harvard Medical School, US

Title: New strategies to improve treatment of primary and metastatic brain tumors

Maria Lehtinen

Harvard Medical School, US

Title: Choroid plexus responses and cerebrospinal fluid clearance following hemorrhagic stroke

Caroline Menard

CERVO Brain Research Centre, Canada

Title: Adaptations of the blood-brain barrier driving resilience to stress vs depression 

Elizabeth Tournier-Lasserve

University of Paris, France

Title: Genetic basis of small arteries disease from fetal life to adulthood

Ryan Watts

Denali, US

Title: The Path to the Brain:
Transporting Biotherapeutics Across the BBB

Berislav Zlokovic

University of Southern California, US

Title: tbd


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